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Beginners Piano Lessons – Jackie Clark Music

Beginners Piano Lessons - Jackie Clark MusicCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITELets face it, if you have tried to learn piano in the past on your own, it can be daunting. In fact on your own it is very difficult to learn piano.

At the heart of learning piano with Jackie lies the promise that everything you learn will be taught properly. You will learn quickly, & within a very short time, you will know the basis for playing hundreds of songs. You will learn to play chords in different ways, two hands of course from the early lessons. You will also be able to learn by reading music, or not if you prefer to play by ear. From day one you will realize how confident you feel at the piano.

There are two ways to learn to play piano, these are known as playing with sheet music and playing by ear.

Both methods are taught on this site. Choose one or the other to start, then either choose the other method when one is complete, or use the other courses and single lessons that are provided to enhance your piano playing.

Full support is provided throughout by Jackie, and your own private social media section, allows you to help other students or be helped yourself. This is a new part of site membership which is growing continuously.

Students learn to play piano in the shortest time using piano chords only. Music is not taught ensuring rapid progression from beginner to playing many songs in the shortest time period. Other courses can be taken later teaching music if required.

Students can learn up to 85 chords with detailed easy to follow lessons. Or students can use the course as a quick reference to learn a new chord when required. For this aspect, the video chord book provides the same lessons as quick and easy piano chords, in a faster quick find format.

Scales make changing from key to key easy. By learning scales any song can be converted to alternate keys. Often a change of key is required when playing with friends who only know a song in one key. More importantly scales are essential when playing by ear, if notes that fit are to be played. Correct notes need scales to be known.

Playing piano with music takes time to learn. This is not a particularly fast way to learn piano, however it does allow any type of song in any genre to be played from music. Not for everyone, as many will just want to play songs to sing to. Those wishing to take this more serious route to learning piano, will find their reward in years to come. A great way to learn, even if only the first dozen or so lessons are taken to learn the very basics of music.

Playing piano songs with expression is essential if the song is to sound professional and have meaning. By learning expression your songs will come alive, they will sound like love songs not just notes played in the right order. This course teaches a complete song to demonstrate how expression can be used for best effect.

Children love playing piano and learn so easily. This competition winning course, teaches piano to children from five to eight years old. A standard text-book (available worldwide for around $6.00) is used throughout to ensure children learn music properly and to normal international standards.

Start Piano by learning the basics of chord playing. This set of lessons is from the first part of just chords piano and forms a great basis to expand from later.

From time to time we all get problems, or specific things we would like to do. This expanding section addresses these problems. Any problems or required techniques, can be requested for future inclusion or, discussed with others in the studio.

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